Red Panther


                  I was working at a digital marketing agency in Minneapolis. It was time for a change. I put in my two weeks notice and never looked back. I learned a lot from incredible minds in the industry, but now it was time to go out on my own.


                  Previously, I had been using WordPress to build websites using the Divi theme. But once I discovered Webflow, I never went back. I also took on my first three Webflow clients this year, and the growth had officially begun.


                  After (in all honesty, very little) thought, I built websites in Webflow only. Red Panther also became a Webflow Professional Partner (read about it). Growth continued, as I moved into my first office space. I also took on three multi-million dollar startups this year. Then I changed the business' name.


                  Growth continued. 3X growth from 2021.


                  This year I added retainer options to my services and have been working on a new course for Webflow designers.
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