Red Panther Joins the Webflow Experts Program

What Happened?

Several months ago, I (Karr) applied Digital Red Panther for the Webflow Partner program. I am excited to announce that last week I opened my inbox to find an acceptance letter!

Webflow acceptance letter into Partner program

Check it out!

This is an exciting step as the growth of this business continues!

What is the Webflow Partner Program?

The Webflow Experts Program is a community of agencies and freelancers that have been reviewed by Webflow staff and are considered experts at building Webflow websites.

The program is separated by Professional partners and Enterprise partners based on the type of clients each company serves. Digital Red Panther is a Professional partner.

What This Means for Red Panther?

This is an exciting opportunity to:

  1. Receive new website project leads through a new source
  2. Showcase past client work on Webflow's website
  3. Increase the company's reach and authority online

What This Means for You

It means a couple things.

First, with the continued increase in leads coming in, I hope to be able to bring in additional talent to help with projects in the future.

Right now, I am the sole member of the company and do 100% of the work - web design, Webflow implementation, and SEO.

So for freelancers and those looking for work, it may mean that a partnership is in our future.

And for businesses that are considering a new website in Webflow, it means that we'll be more prepared to take on an increased workload for you.

How exciting!!

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