Basement Water Controlled Website Case Study

Refreshing a Contractor Business' Website
This website was built by Red Panther for Basement Water Controlled
Contractor Company Website's Homepage Designed in Figma, Built in Webflow
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Wow! Since 2020 we have received great results from our website. Karr, we sure appreciate the focus and continued attention to detail that you put into your work
Kevin -BWC Owner


Increase in Google Visits YOY


Increase in Bing Visits YOY


Decrease in Spam Inquiries


asement Water Controlled is a basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractor in St. Cloud, MN.

Contractor Web Design Case Study

Growth in dry seasons

Even in two of the driest seasons Minnesota has experienced in decades, the website has seen growth and is well-prepared to take on leads in for years to come.

Migrating the WordPress website to Webflow

Along with a new design, we needed to move their website hosting from WordPress to Webflow. This came with some changes to the website hierarchy, a lot of 301 redirects, and user testing the crud out of it.

Long-term success vs. short-term

The goal of any contractor marketing project should always be looking at the long term rather than the short. Every single decision that has been made up until this point has been with the future in mind. We are not looking for short term gains at the risk of long-term failures.

Migration to Webflow Case Study

We expect to see steady, consistent growth, and that's exactly what we're seeing with the new website.

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