C12 MN Website Case Study

Webflow CMS Does The Heavy Lifting for Business Networking Group
This website was built by Red Panther for C12 MN
Networking Group Website
Mobile Responsive Homepage for Company in Webflow
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ttracting top talent to grow the group

C12 MN is made up of some of the brightest small business owners in the state. The #1 goal of their new website was to attract new prospects and build trust with them immediately.

Building trust with prospects

It was super important to immediately leave an impact with potential members looking to inquire about membership. Below are some of the simplest ways we built trust on their new website.

Clear design

There is no confusion about anything on the website. Users can easily:

  • Navigate from page to page and not lose their place
  • Read the content without getting distracted
  • Understand what every page and section are about right away


We also created a place to have some of the C12 members leave testimonials. We'll get to the CMS in just a sec...

Calls to action

Contact Dave for an initial call was the most important step we wanted users to take. That's why we made it clear how to do so.

Short tutorial videos to edit the website

The chair of C12 is not a web developer or an engineer, so it was crucial that he would be able to edit the website's content without complications. That's why we created short tutorial videos to send over to Dave to edit the website once the project was completed.

Client is able to edit website content without fear

We used Webflow's powerful CMS to build most of the pages on the site. Now, whenever updates are needed on the new site, there is no fear whether their team will be able to make edits.

Book a discovery call

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